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Rejuvenation Therapy(Rasayana) and Aphrodisiacs(Vajikarana) in Ayurveda


Rejuvenation Therapy(Rasayana)

Rasayana is one of the eight branches of classical Ayurveda, which is not merely a drug therapy but is a unique procedure practiced in the form of diet, drug and specific health promoting conducts. “Rasa” means saptadhatu starting from rasadhatu, whereas “ayana” stands for the way or direction of the movements. Rasayana is the process of nutrition by which saptadhatu get optimal nutrition. Charaka has defined rasayana as the process by which one gets sapta dhatu in its best quality. Sushruta has defined rasayana as the therapy, which brings-back young age, increases the life span (healthy longevity), intelligence and strength as well as it enables the person to get rid of disease.

Rasayana therapy enables the person to live a full life span of 100 years, and which makes the man to live young for a long period and retards ageing. In short, rasayana is the therapy, which provides the optimum quality to bodily tissues and the promotion of both physical and mental health, and prevents the ageing and disease. This therapy enables the person to live for a longer youthful life.


 Aphrodisiacs in Ayurveda (Vajikarana)


Ayurveda is the richest heritage of the world, its principles and guidelines are laid by the Vedas, which are considered as the oldest available literature of the world.  Ayurveda is subdivided into eight (8) branches amongst them Vajikarana is one which deals with promotion of sexual health and prevention and cure of sex related disorders.


Vajikarana has been described specially to improve the sexual health, to enhance the status of Shukra (everything related to male sexual potency) and to please the mind.  This therapy provides potentiality for getting progeny and causes instantaneous sexual excitation sufficient enough to get satisfaction and enabling him to satisfy his partner too. The drugs used for this treatment are known as Vrishya drugs.  Vrishya Karma is defined as a therapy for getting sexual urge and energy like a bull.  Role of such type of drugs may be to tone up the body by restoring physiology.  They may be having nutritive value or may be functioning through the neuromuscular systems or limbic systems.  These drugs enhance the blood circulation and produce general well being toning up the mental and physical functions. The drugs are broadly classified as Shukravriddhikara (drug which producing more sperms), Shukra-srutikara (drug which secreting more sperms during the intercourse), Shukra-vriddhi-srutikara (drug which producing and secreting men during the intercourse), and Shukra-stambhaka (drug which withholding ejaculation during the intercourse), etc.


The advent of modern techniques and costly treatment are inaccessible to the persons of middle and lower economic strata who are more likely having above problem. The term Vrishya karma is intended to deal with both the problems of Vandhyatva (Male infertility) and Klaivya (Male Sexual dysfunction).